The vineyard

Nestling in the heart of Condrieu and on the Bonnetteslope, our vineyard benefits from a rich ecosystem, self-protected by its own isolation.

Narrow terraces (called « chaillées ») and foot Viognier vines, the Arbuel small valley and stream, nettle-trees and abrupt rocks form its environment; this is without forgetting iris flowers, sebum, melissa, wild fennels and dog roses, along with frambles, brooms and nettles.

The Grand duke and his young birds, jays, squadrons of pigeons that plunge in the small valley, hares and roe-deers, all find refuge in our vineyard.

The Clos de la Bonnette benefits from a privileged view over the Rhône, its marina and the medieval tower of Condrieu. A hicking path running along vineyards and the stream leads the walkers to the discovery of the hillside.