The terroir, the vine stock

Adapting organic viticulture to the inherent working difficulties of the hillside represents a real challenge. Any classical mechanisation as well as the help of a workhorse are impossible because of the steep slopes and the very narrow terraces. We favour a varied environment around and in the vine. However, the hydric stress due to the sun exposure and to the type of soil prohibits the growth of rival weeds under the vine plant in growing season.
To be able to work in the contour line shaped vineyard and thus, get weeds under control, a special tool really adapted to the winery had to be adjusted. Handcrafted and very efficient, it allows us to get a satisfactory result without « breaking » the structure of the ground. The finishing work is done with a pickaxe.
That’s how we obtain a soft and living soil without erosion problems. Naturally, this benefits to the viognier vine stocks which are stuck on props « as in the old days » ; but the plants and animals that contribute to the balance of the vineyard also enjoy it.