Our Wines

Making wine in the Clos de la Bonnette is paying tribute to the men and women who preceded us along the centuries. They gave birth and beauty to this place, and their clever and hard work, from terraces to terraces, is still to be admired. And nowadays we do our best to honour these brave and patient pioneers, we make it our duty to repair desertions and perpetrate their heritage :

The encounter between a harsh soil, gnarled vines, an unpredictable sky and determined and intuitive winemakers gave birth to light, sutbtle and joyful aromas.

  • Condrieu White Wine, elegant and complex Viognier, that subtly reveals peach, apricot, white blossoms and sometimes exotic fruit ;
  • Ampuis Red Wine, Syrah with soft and silky tannins featuring red berries, with spicy power.