Rhône, from shores to faces

Catherine Chion has been rubbing shoulders with the Rhône for a long time. She went to meet local residents of all ages, men and women, former poachers or bargemen, simple inhabitants, sportsmen, penichards, walkers… They told of their links with the river. By mixing their words and their glances with her own, she composed short texts, like so many small glimpses of the memory of the Rhône.

Rhône, de rivages en visages is a book that has become a show that tells the story of the river from yesterday to today, and that of its residents. Combining comedy, reading, music and song, it draws the portrait of a tender and wild, dark and joyful river, to remember the Rhône, to question its future, and the links that unite man and nature.

Éric Durif-Varambon and Irénée Gatet joined him by combining their creativity to bring this show to life. Each performance allows them to see to what extent this river still unites people and marks our territory.

La compagnie de la Rigue is an association born from the desire to accompany the Rhône, from shores to faces show as best as possible. The company has been strengthened thanks to Isabelle Guiller and the Clos de la Bonnette, the association’s head office.